Friday, February 3, 2012

Bharatanatyam by Pratibha Prahlad

After the soulful Gurmat Sangeet by Prof. Alankar Singh, we are hosting a two day event of Bharatanatyam by Pratibha Prahlad, a cultural visionary, besides being a star performer of Bharatanatyam, her contribution to the field of arts is profound and unparalleled in contemporary dance history.

Starting her performance career at the age of 6, she was hailed a star before she turned 20. Educated, erudite and original, Prathibha has done pioneering work in dance choreographies that combine different classical styles seamlessly and project the unifying thread of Indian dance traditions.  With her innovative creativity that transcends the mechanical in the traditional framework, Prathibha’s robust choreographic works have been emulated by many of her peers in the field

She combines in herself various roles of performer, teacher, choreographer, researcher, cultural organizer, arts administrator and media person to all of which she brings exacting standards. Her passionate belief in the strength of traditional forms combined with a contemporary understanding of the changing dynamics in the art world   give Prathibha’s dance an aesthetic and immediate appeal. A post graduate degree in Mass Communications, and in English Literature and an enviable experience in the performance, print and television media add to her distinction as an arts interlocutor. 

Prathibha writes articles in leading newspapers and is a frequent invitee to seminars and other academic activities internationally. She has produced, directed and acted in television serials. Prathibha Prahlad has also authored a book on Bharatanatyam.

Prathibha has had the fortune of training under some of the best dance Gurus that the country has ever seen-Guru Sri. V.S.Muthuswamy Pillai, Guru Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan, Smt. & Prof. U.S. Krishna Rao and Dr. Vempatti Chinna Satyam.

Prathibha Prahlad heads the Prasiddha Foundation which has established itself as one of the premier cultural organization of the country. Through her Organization, she has championed the cause of arts relentlessly and even procured train travel concessions for all artistes traveling for performances. 

Prathibha Prahlad conceived and actualized India’s most prestigious multi-art Festival – the Delhi International Arts Festival of which she is the Festival Director. She was also nominated as the Convener of the ceremonies, ceremonial and culture Committee of the Commonwealth Games 2010.

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